Can You Find The Letter Hidden In These Dots?

If you're a frequent reader of Wimp, you know we love brain teasers. From riddles to optical illusions and everything in between, it's great to challenge your mind with some out-of-the-box thinking every now and then. Luckily for us, we're not the only ones who love these puzzles. The Internet has been full of challenging and sometimes wacky brain teasers lately, and it has been our joy to bring them all to you. So far, my favorite has been searching for the Oscar statue hidden amongst a legion of C-3POs from Star Wars. 

Some of these puzzles are way harder than others, and the one we're sharing with you today is definitely on the more difficult side. In fact, it's so difficult that only 1% of adults can find the answer. This is a puzzle that tests your eye sight, memory, and imagination. It's used to measure eidetic memory, which is the ability to remember objects, images, or words after a brief exposure to them. So if you solve this puzzle, you can truly tell people you have a photographic memory. 

If you're feeling brave, scroll down to see the image and take the challenge. 


Can you find the letter hidden in this image?

Do you see anything? Probably not because that's only half of the clue. Now we get to test your photographic memory. 

The hidden letter can be found when you combine the red dots from the image above with the red dots here.

If you're having trouble, try switching back and forth between the two images until you see it. If you give up and want to accept your place among the 99%, scroll down to see the answer. 


And the hidden letter is ...

The letter G. Don't worry, I didn't get it either, but it becomes obvious when you scroll back up and look at the clues. If you're one of the gifted few that figured this out, congratulations. Just remember to use your powers for good. 

H/T: Aunty Acid

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