Can You See The Hidden Image?

Optical illusions have been around for a long, long time. I remember when a family friend first introduced me to those crazy 3-D illusions where, if you stared at a seemingly random image in just the right way, you'd see Dumbo or Pinocchio or some other Disney character's outline. I stared at that book for hours.

These illusions are still incredibly popular, and one such illusion has been making its way around the web recently - and it features one of the world's cuddliest creatures!

Were you able to spot the hidden image? That's right, it's a panda!

This illusion is fairly new, but it's gone viral because people can't resist a good brain teaser. I've found that the trick is to stare right into the middle of the image and then relax your eyes. If you're not able to get it right off the bat, just keep trying, it'll come to you eventually.

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