Can You Spot All 6 People In This Optical Illusion?

Are you the type of person who picks up on little details more than other people? Do you think you’re more astute in making observations? You might just be highly perceptive.

The image below will test just how perceptive you are. It’s an illusion that is intended to trick your eyes into seeing something your brain can’t quite comprehend.  In this black and white drawing, there are six separate people. How many you can identify will determine just how perceptive you are.

Look at the image below and find out how perceptive you are.

How many people do you see? Scroll down for the answers.


First, we have the man with the instrument.

There's a woman standing in front of him.

There are two faces in the clouds and trees past the woman.


Past the woman, there's a second man who appears to be painting.

Finally, there's a large face that encompasses most of the image.

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H/T: Sun Gazing

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