Cancelled TV Shows That Left Annoyingly Unresolved Finales

We understand that television is a business. We know that networks have to make money and that in order for them to do this, they will need to make hard choices sometimes over which programs should stay on the air and which should be dumped.

What we don't understand is why network executives can't do us the courtesy of finishing a show properly. These 29 TV shows were all canceled without warning and left a huge gap in our understanding of what actually happened.

We think it would be great if networks could just shoot a final episode to avoid frustrating us like they did these 29 times: 

1. Farscape

The Jim Henson Company

When Farscape was canceled during its fourth season, a massive online fan campaign to help bring the show back spread like wildfire. The end result was a three-hour miniseries titled Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

2. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Warner Bros. Television

Even though the show was canceled in 2009, fans still want more of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In 2013, the show's creator, Josh Friedman, shot down rumors of a possible Kickstarter to fund a third season due to creative rights.

3. Carnivàle


While the first episode of HBO's Carnivàle drew record numbers at the time, it couldn't maintain the buzz surrounding it. Its cancellation wasn't due to ratings, though; the amount of money needed to fund a third season was too much for HBO. Show creator Daniel Knauf did explain what would've taken place in season three.

4. Kyle XY


Two months before the season three finale, ABC Family revealed they were pulling the plug on Kyle XY. This led to a plethora of unresolved issues left after the finale aired. In the DVD release for season three, writer Julie Plec and several actors from the show got together to explain how the show would've ended in a segment called "Kyle XY: Future Revealed."

5. ALF

Warner Bros. Television

Season four of ALF ended with the creature being captured by the U.S. Air Force's Alien Task Force. While it ended with "To be continued," the series was canceled after the show aired. In 1996, they released a follow-up TV movie titled Project ALF.

6. Quantum Leap


At the end of Quantum Leap's fifth season, Sam never returns home after telling Al's wife that he's still alive. The show was canceled, but creator Donald Bellisario managed to write an episode that can still lead to a return of some kind.

7. FlashForward


Based on the 1999 book of the same name, FlashForward wasn't a big hit in the ratings category. The show ended with another global blackout, which led to a flashforward event taking place 20 years into the future. This episode was shot long before knowing the show wouldn't come back for season two.

8. The Dead Zone


The season six finale of The Dead Zone ends with a vision of Armageddon. Unfortunately, USA decided to pull the plug on the show due to low ratings and high production costs. There were plans to finish things with a made-for-TV film, but those plans were dropped.

9. Defiance


The third season of Defiance ended with Nolan taking the ship out of the Earth's orbit, which left his daughter Irisa Nyira as the new law in town. The series wasn't renewed because of financial reasons, but in 2016, they included season four as part of the free-to-play companion MMORPG on the PS3, X-Box 360, and PC.


10. Alcatraz

Warner Bros. Television

Used as a mid-season replacement, Alcatraz had a great series premiere of 10 million viewers before plummeting to nearly 5 million for its series finale 13 weeks later, which finds the lead character supposedly dying in the hospital.

11. My Name Is Earl

20th Century Fox Television

My Name Is Earl was canceled before anyone found out the true identity of Dodge's father. Show creator Gregory Thomas Garcia did manage to make a ton of references to the show in his Fox sitcom Raising Hope.

12. Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman

Warner Bros. Television

During season four of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, ABC announced that a fifth season would take place, but that quickly changed when the show was canceled due to falling ratings. The series ended with newlyweds Lois and Clark finding a baby. Executive producer Brad Buckner stated that the infant was of Kryptonian royalty, which led many to believe that Superboy was joining the series.

13. Dallas

Warner Bros. Television

The 2012 reboot of Dallas decided to have its own "Who Shot J.R.?" moment when Christopher Ewing was supposedly killed by a car bomb in the season three finale. Unfortunately, fans will never know if he survived because the series was canceled two weeks after the finale aired.

14. Sliders


Sliders is the only show on this list with the distinction of being canceled twice on two different networks, and its final cancellation left a major cliffhanger with Rembrandt heading out to face the Kromaggs.

15. Pushing Daisies

Warner Bros. Television

Even with seven Emmy Awards, Pushing Daisies didn't click with fans. The second and final season officially ended on December 17, 2008, but ABC decided to show three unaired episodes in May 2009. These episodes, however, don't provide any sort of closure to the series.

16. Twin Peaks

Digital Spy

Lead characters Audrey Horne was in a bank which exploded as the show ended in 1991, and Agent Dale Cooper was replaced by Killer Bob. You don't get much more unresolved than that. Luckily, some answers might be on the horizon with an upcoming continuation of the series on Showtime.

17. Deadwood

Peabody Awards

Deadwood was supposedly, according to producer David Milch, written to end the way it did. Fans don't believe it though, there were simply far too many unfinished plot lines - like all of them.

18. V


When V was canceled between seasons, it left us never knowing what happened to Kyle and the Starchild who were on a shuttle with a bomb counting down when it ended.

19. In The Flesh


The British drama show was supposed to be all about the way characters interacted unlike American zombie thrillers like The Walking Dead. Sadly, it was canceled on a cliffhanger ending. 

20. Las Vegas

Just Watch

Las Vegas simply had the plug pulled 19 episodes into its 22-scheduled episode 5th season. The cast was supposed to make an appearance on Knight Rider to resolve things, but Knight Rider got canceled before that could happen.


21. Melrose Place (Reboot)

Fan Forum

The original Melrose Place ended fine, but the reboot ends with Heather Locklear's character Amanda Woodward being dragged away, possibly to jail. We'll never know if she did time as there will be no second season.

22. Mork And Mindy


The show that launched Robin Williams to fame ended badly. Mork and Mindy's final episode had Mork and Mindy without faces. Why? It was canceled before we could find out.

23. Happy Town

Seat 42f

This supernatural mystery about a "Magic Man" didn't even get to the end of the eight episodes that were filmed. It was pulled off-screen after just six had been aired. The other two episodes, which leaked online, didn't clear anything up either.

24. Invasion

Coming Soon

Sci-fi writers really should learn that they need a confirmed renewal before ending the first season on a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, Invasion's writers took a gamble and lost. So, with no second season, there's no resolution to anything at all.

25. Alphas


You know the cliffhanger ending of a show canceled before its time is annoying people when it becomes a plot point on another show. There's an episode of The Big Bang Theory that discusses how disappointing Alphas' abrupt ending was. 

26. Awake

Hollywood Reporter

While the creator of Awake, Kyle Killen, says that the ending was supposed to be that way, the fans feel that it short-changed them and that it was written at short notice when the decision was made not to renew. 

27. Dominion

TV Series Finale

Canceled abruptly before the third season, we never did learn which side won the war of angels in Dominion or get any resolution to the double cliffhanger ending of the second season.

28. Odyssey 5


This show was intended to build up to the destruction of the earth. Instead, we learn that the earth will be destroyed at the end of season one and get "to be continued..." and then, of course, it wasn't. 

29. Earth 2


Not only did Earth 2 end on an annoying cliffhanger, but a mistake in scheduling left the final episode being aired two episodes before the season actually finished. This makes Earth 2 the most confusing show of them all. 

Did we pick up on any shows that you used to love watching but wish that they hadn't left you hanging on to find out what happened?

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