Can't Drive 55: Most Dangerous Roads On Earth

People will always tell you to take the road less traveled. That is not the best advice in some cases and some roads are less traveled because they're not conducive to your health. There are highways, roads, trails, and streets across the world that are known for high accident rates and scary conditions. Some are more thrilling than others, but the fear remains the same if you decide to take a risky car ride.

Now we will travel around the globe to locate some of the most nerve-wracking and questionable roads ever laid into the ground (or in some cases, on the side of a mountain). They'll make you second guess going off the beaten path.

1. Trollstigen, Norway

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Trollstigen translates to "troll's ladder" and contains a 9% grade with 11 switchback turns on unstable roads. This photo was taken after modifications were made to make it a little safer.

2. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

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This bridge in Japan is called the "roller coaster" because it is the third-largest rigid-framed bridge on Earth. It was built steep to allow fishing boats to travel underneath.

3. Karnali Highway, Nepal

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This beautiful scenic highway claims up to 50 lives per year due to the broken down and abandoned cars lining much of the unpaved stretch of road.

4. Passage Du Gois, France

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Passage Du Gois looks like a relatively safe and average road until high tide when it is completely engulfed in water, so you should time your commute.

5. Highway 99, California, USA

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This stretch of Highway 99 near California State University, Chico, is probably the safest part with the few street lamps. The rest claims 60 fatalities every 100 miles.


6. Highway 1, Canada

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This commonly-used highway is the most dangerous road in Canada when the winter months arrive and the two-lane roads are hit with heavy ice and snow.

7. I-95, East Coast, USA

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There are more accidents along the I-95 Highway than any other U.S. state, including as many as 1,713 from April 2014 to April 2015.

8. Paso De Los Libertadores, Chile

This icy road passes through the border of Argentina and Chile and is known to have plenty of accidents caused by drivers slipping over the side with no guardrails.

9. Pasubio, Italy

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Many of the accidents along Pasubio are caused by drivers getting distracted by the breathtaking scenery. Biking is prohibited due to the danger caused by 52 tiny tunnels.

10. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

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Karakoram Highway is the highest-elevated paved highway in the world that connects Pakistan to China with the highest border crossing at 16,000 ft.

11. Keylong-Kishtwar Road, India


With no safety precautions and plenty of miles of unpaved heart attack fuel, the Keylong-Kishtwar Road is cut into the mountain and almost too narrow to drive. Almost.


12. BR 319, Brazil

Wikimedia Commons

You should always question the safety of a road that runs through the Amazon rainforest. Many of the bridges are replaced often but they still risk regular rot.

13. TrampolĂ­n del Diablo, Colombia


This terrifying road is rife with blind turns, steep drop-offs, smog, two-way traffic, and consistently gets narrower the higher in elevation you travel.

14. Zoji La, India

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Zoji La connects Ladakh and Kashmir and is built 11,500 ft. above sea level. You'll consistently see overturned cars and buses as you make your way to safety. 

15. Bayburt Of Yolu-/D915, Turkey


Portions of this road contain mountainside, steep drop-offs with narrow lanes, rockslide and avalanche areas, minimal pavement, and 29 straight hairpin turns at 6,000 ft. 

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