Cat Gets Caught Red-Handed Raiding His Human's Underwear Drawer

Cats are naturally prone to mischief. They're naturally curious, and they really like to think of themselves as invincible predators who own everything they survey. They can end up in all sorts of places where they don't belong because they just have to investigate everything.

Sometimes, they like to take little souvenirs from their investigations. Sometimes, they take a lot. They don't call expert thieves "cat burglars" for nothing. That's what happens in this video, when a man catches his klepto kitty red-handed in the middle of a heist.

His wife's underwear had been disappearing over the last few days. Every so often, some of it would turn up again in some random location in the house. So, he decided to set up a little sting operation, and managed to capture his fluffy gray cat sniffing around the undies drawer!

It's hard to say what drew the little fella to stealing undies in the first place, but he was so focused on the prize that he didn't even realize he was being watched. When he finally realizes the jig is up? The look on his face is absolutely priceless.

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H/T: Rumble

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