Cat Loves The Spa Treatment

Mar 1, 2016

We all like to be spoiled ever now and then. I've found that one of my secrets to staying happy is taking one day every few months off from work and just have a fun day by myself. Usually, I'll play golf and go see a movie, or just go on a road trip. My mom does the same thing, she will call in sick for work and spend a day at the spa and beauty salon. She's had the same job for 20 years, so it must be working for her. 

As it turns out, humans aren't the only ones that like to be spoiled. My dog wakes up every morning with the hope that maybe today will be the day that I give him an extra treat. The cat featured in this video, however, knows exactly what it's like to be spoiled. The cat's owner gave her the complete spa experience with towels, soap, shampoo bottles, and even some music to help relax. 

It's clear from the expression on the kitty's face that this spa day was truly needed. It can be a tough life sitting around the house, catching bugs, and running away from vacuum cleaners, but days like this make it all worth it. Take a lesson from this spoiled cat and maybe take a day to spoil yourself. It may look a lot different than what is happening in this video, but there's one thing for sure - you definitely deserve it.  


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H/T: Gangmeowoffice 

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