Cat-Loving Pit Bull Finally Gets The Feline Family He's Always Dreamed Of

Ozzy is an adorable pit bull who was adopted by a southern California family of two adults, three kids, and a cat called Norm. Ozzy immediately took a liking to Norm, but the feeling was definitely not mutual. The friendly pup did whatever he could to get the cat to like him, but to no avail.

Thankfully, Ozzy had plenty of friends to give him love in the form of the three kids in the family. He also makes friends wherever he goes, running up to baby strollers to shower the babies with kisses. But there was still one thing missing that he was finally going to get...

His human, Jennifer, had found a pregnant, stray cat in the neighborhood. As time passed, she grew more and more worried about the cat, until she finally decided to bring it home.


That cat, now named Winnie, gave birth to five kittens... and Ozzy was over the moon!

He finally got the feline family he'd always dreamed of having! Ozzy is the best uncle a kitten could ask for - whenever he hears them crying out he rushes over to nurture them.

Besides the kittens, Winnie seems to like Ozzy as well. It's understandable given how helpful he is with the babies.


Although four of the kittens will go up for adoption, Winnie and one of her kittens, Troublemaker, will stay with Ozzy.

This sweet pit bull is going to get to keep living with his beloved cat family, and we couldn't be happier to hear it.

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H/T: Paw My Gosh

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