Cat Protects Baby Belly, Then Protects Baby

We love a good love story here at Wimp and this one is no exception. Well, it's sort of an exception, because this love story is a little more unusual than most! This is the tale (or is it tail?) of a tuxedo cat that found not only a loving new home but also a tiny person for herself to adore. It's about as sappy and sweet as the best rom-com, but with a twist in that this protagonist isn't even human! When you see her and the baby, though, your heart will absolutely melt.

Once upon a time, there was a cat named Panda. A two-year-old adopted female, Panda rapidly fell in love with her new home and her new person, Liel.

Panda spent her waking hours following Liel as close as she could, becoming her shadow. Not a difficult feat for a beautiful black cat like Panda.

When Liel became pregnant, the cat began to sleep as close to her baby bump as possible.

She went from shadow to guardian in short order! If Panda was attached to Liel before, this was taking it to the next level.


As it grew and grew, Panda would often take to sleeping right on Liel’s belly!

Only those women who have had kids can speak to what it feels like to carry that extra weight around for nine months, but we're betting having a cat on top must have been the icing on that discomfort cake. Still, Panda simply wouldn't leave her tummy alone.

When little Sean finally came around after nine long months, Panda was a little confused at first.

Almost immediately, though, she returned to what she had been doing before, protecting Sean. She isn’t allowed in the crib while he’s sleeping, but Liel says she finds cat fur in there when she goes to put Sean to bed. Liel has two other cats as well, and while one sometimes cuddles the baby, the other has taken up the task of going to fetch Liel when Sean is crying.

Panda is the only cat that’s been committed right from the get-go, though!

Can you believe this picture? Even her friends on Facebook were blown away by this tight-knit trio. The best part is how Panda is resting on Sean exactly like Sean is resting on his mama.


Pictures say it louder than words - this family’s just chock full of love! (Even Liel’s tattoo is the formula for oxytocin, the “love chemical” that helps bond couples and babies!)

If Sean ever needs backup in any situation, he's got three dedicated cats who will clearly do just about anything to keep their new family member safe and protected.

H/T: Bored Panda | Liel Ainmar Assayag

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