Cat Raises Abandoned Puppies As Her Own

It was May of 2014 when four premature puppies were born in Brecard County, Florida. Of the four, only two would manage to survive past the first few days. To make matters worse, the surviving pair of pups would eventually be rejected by their mother soon afterward.

Premature pups are not all that uncommon. In fact, some litters of completely healthy newborns can sometimes contain one or two that are premature. According to the Dog Breed Info Center:

"It is thought that one puppy in a litter can be conceived later than the others. In a normal mating, all eggs drop together and they all ripen at once. Eggs are hormonally influenced to ovulate. Science tells us that once the hormone reaches a certain level, the eggs are released and whatever sperm is swimming in the dam will fertilize the eggs. This is why if more than one male has bred the dog in the last few days, there can be multiple fathers."

Regardless of the circumstances of their birth, premature pups need special care. They should be taken to a vet as soon as possible to avoid any complications stemming from their fragile state. In preparing them for the journey, the Highwood Norwich Kennel recommends, "After a preemie is breathing, place it next to a covered hot water bottle in a covered box. The pup and mother should travel separately."

Luckily, the little ones in this video were born under the care of the SPCA. As much as the staff wanted the surviving babies to thrive, it's incredibly difficult to do so without the love of a parent. This was when they were first introduced to Nessy, a 2-year-old Siamese-mix cat that gave birth to kittens the prior week. With her motherly instincts kicking in overdrive, Nessy immediately accepted the pups as her own. With a cat now nursing and caring for them, these pups finally have what they've needed all along – a parent.
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