Cat Rescued After Being Abandoned On The Street With Litter Box

Big cities like New York can often seem scary and unfriendly, but, as this cat learned, they’re also full of caring people who will go out of their way to help those in need. When Meredith Ferrell found him on the side of the street, he was crying, sitting next to a litter box and box of cat supplies, presumably left by his previous owner. She took a picture of him and posted it online to the Flatbush Area Team for Cats' (FAT Cats) Facebook page.

According to FAT Cats co-founder Elizabeth Champ, "Unfortunately, many male cats get dumped when they mature because there are not enough low-cost spay/neuter resources in NYC. People can't afford to get them fixed, so they often dump them and get another cat."

Members of the group were immediately on the lookout for the abandoned kitten, but, due to the heat and loud noise from nearby construction, he’d apparently gone into hiding.

By what seems like a stroke of fate, he popped up again several days later in the backyard of retired cat rescuer Karen Oh.

FAT Cats posted on their Facebook page, "We would like to thank our neighbors, many of whom took time out of their day to look for this poor cat. We are happy to say he is a healthy one-year-old male."

Nostrand, as the cat was named by his rescuers, was taken to the Prospect Park Animal Clinic, where staff quickly developed a deep, mutual affection for their newest patient. "[He] didn't even mind having blood drawn for testing," said Champ.

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H/T: The Dodo | FAT Cats

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