Cat Watches Over Her Owner's Newborn Baby

Jealousy. It's something that we've all felt at one point or another, even if we don't care to admit it. Whenever cat or dog owners welcome a new baby into their home, they can't help but worry about how their furry friend will react to the unexpected roommate. As you might already know, cats and dogs have a pretty good track record when it comes to getting along well with babies. Heck, pit bulls used to be considered the best babysitters! Still, a parent wants both their human and animal babies to know just how much they are loved, even if one gets significantly more attention.

When Liel Assayag became pregnant with her first child, she wasn't sure how her cat would respond. Liel adopted her tuxedo cat, Panda, and the two of them had been inseparable ever since. Would adding a third party to the mix ruin their perfect relationship? Well, she didn't have to wait long to learn the answer. As soon as Panda realized Liel was pregnant, she did something that no one was expecting. And, once her son was finally born, Liel's pictures of Panda and the baby went viral for a reason that'll have you smiling from ear to ear. Keep scrolling to see how Panda welcomed her new baby brother into the world!

This is Liel Assayag. She was excited to learn that she was pregnant with her first child, but couldn't help but wonder how her cat, Panda, would react.

Liel adopted Panda a couple of years ago and they formed a tight bond almost immediately.

But as soon as Liel began showing signs of her pregnancy, that bond grew even stronger.

Over the course of the nine months Liel was pregnant, Panda kept close watch over the baby growing inside of her.

She laid on Liel's belly almost every day, and when her son, Sean, was finally born, Panda didn't stop cuddling.

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