Cats Using Dogs As Pillows

When an animal lover has a house full of pets, everyone has to coexist whether they like it or not. Cats and dogs are two animals who have learned the ups and downs of living with each other over the years. From cheering each other up to stealing each other's stuff, they're always figuring out how to get along. These ten cats and dogs, however, seem to be enjoying living together more than most, considering they're not afraid to get cozy and share a sleeping space. Pets everywhere could learn a thing or two from these adorably peaceful roommates.

1. The perfect position for watching television while you fall asleep.

2. One more pet and they'd be a cuddly snowman.

3. This kitten decided to splurge and get a king-sized bed.


4. I wonder if that dog uses the cat's tail as an alarm clock.

5. The purrr-fect fit.

6. "I get to be the little spoon next time."

7. I wonder if that big dog even knows they're there.


8. "I heard thunder and got scared."

9. Like sleeping on some freshly fallen snow.

10. All wrapped up.

Via: Sun Gazing

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