Celebrate Your College Years With This Look Back Through The Wimp Archives

Sep 24, 2015

Late nights. Coffee. Studying. Cheap food. Parties. Maybe a class or two? That’s right, we are celebrating all things college and highlighting some of the best moments of university life that we’ve seen so far. Whether it’s spent in the library or in a frat house, the few years that you spend in college will always hold a special place in your heart. 

That’s why today we are reliving everything from move-in day to graduation and showing the Wimp way to navigate college. So pack your bags, say goodbye to Mom and Dad, and get ready for another trip through the Wimp archives.

Freshman Creates An Automated Dorm – May 5, 2012 

One of the biggest obstacles of any incoming freshman is getting used to living in a dorm with a total stranger. Some roommates are definitely better than others, but there is probably no roommate better than Derek Low, the creator of what may be the coolest dorm room ever. Be careful though, if you live in a room this amazing you might never want to leave. 


Calculus Teacher Creates A Unique Trailer For His Calculus II Course – May 26, 2014

After you get settled in a dorm, it’s time to pick out classes. One professor from Centennial College in Washington DC made this decision a lot easier. This summer blockbuster style trailer will get you just as excited to learn difficult math as you are to see the next Star Wars movie. 

Student Wakes Up From A Nightmare During College Lecture – December 11, 2012 

Now that you made it to class, your next big obstacle is going to be attempting to stay awake during the lecture. If you do fall asleep though, try to make it a lot more subtle than this student from Stony Brook University who awoke screaming from a nightmare in the front of his professor and the entire class. Maybe he spent too much time having fun in his automated dorm the night before and never got the chance to sleep.


Steve Jobs: How To Live Before You Die – February 28, 2011 

Well congratulations, you graduated and are now ready for the real world, after you’ve paid off your mountains of debt of course. For some inspiration, listen to this moving commencement address from Steve Jobs given only a few years before he passed away. His advice is useful no matter what age you are. 

Do you have a favorite video from the past? Let us know in the comments and make sure to join us every Thursday as we continue to dig deeper into our archives and explore the world of Wimp.

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