Celebrities That Look Way Different Without Their Signature Look

Being a celebrity is hard work sometimes and one of the biggest parts of the life is making sure that you look the part all of the time.

There is a good reason for this. Fans expect you to look the same way as you do on stage or on film, and they're not looking for the "real you."

For most celebrities, their "trademark look" and their actual look aren't too far apart. But for this collection of celebrities, without their trademark looks, they are simply unrecognizable from the rest of us. Check it out, it's amazing!

1. Zooey's Bold Bangs


Zooey Deschanel's look is defined both by her big beautiful eyes and her blunt bangs. A change of hairstyle could possibly ruin her career.

2. Zooey Without Bangs Is Just Fine


In fact, it didn't ruin her career, but it did make her had to recognize as Zooey in the limelight. She still looks great, but she is less distinctive.

3. Ke$ha Got Glitter


Ke$ha's younger days were sparkly. Very, very sparkly. Wherever she went, so did a cloud of glitter. For which makeup vendors were very grateful.


4. Kesha Lost The Glitter And The $


Then things went downhill. Kesha dropped the $ from her name and the glitter from her face and started to grow old. She is planning a return to music, so maybe things are looking up anyway?

5. Taylor Momsen, Gothic Princess

Style Bistro

Some celebs make their living out of a certain dark charm. Taylor Momsen is one of those people. Her vampish gothic look is a winner for her career.

6. Taylor Momsen, Fairy Tale Princess

Without Makeup Celebrities

Take Taylor Momsen out of the makeup, however, and she's completely different. She goes from "house of horrors" to "house next door." What a great transformation.

7. Brian Hugh Warner And Marilyn Manson


There may be no celebrity on earth as unrecognizable from his stage presence as Marilyn Manson (born Brian Hugh Warner). The makeup and clothing make him someone entirely different.

8. Melanie Martinez Doing Her Thing

Melanie Martinez

Lots of makeup and bi-color hair is what makes Melanie Martinez memorable from a visual perspective. It's a trademark that she relies on.


9. Melanie Martinez In Disguise?

Without Makeup

Melanie is a changed woman when you strip away the celebrity veneer. She's very cute, but there's some of the superstar quality that goes astray too.

10. Matthew McConaughey, Smoking Sex Symbol

Mommy of a Monster

It would be hard to name a bigger babe magnet than Matthew McConaughey when he's all clean and fresh and looking good. He knows what works.

11. Matthew McConaughey Smoking Too Much

E Online

However, take Matthew McConaughey and give him a role to go for and he likes to get completely into the part. Here he is looking like a guy no one asks to the party.

12. Joaquin Phoenix's Clean Cut Charm

Pin This Star

Joaquin Phoenix is a serious heartthrob and it's that suave clean and fresh look that the ladies really like about him. Can he get away with changing it up?

13. Joaquin Goes Grizzly


Sure, this strange guy has something about him, but Joaquin's definitely on a downhill slope with the rough-bearded, more masculine projection of himself.

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