Celebrities Who Ended Up Marrying Their Own Biggest Fans

You probably think that celebrities are a breed apart from the rest of us—that they date billionaires and live in a separate universe from the ordinary folks? Nothing could be further from the truth.

We'd like to show that, in fact, true love is very much alive and that everybody has a chance to meet and fall in love with somebody famous. We've found some amazing examples of A-list celebrities who not only dated their fans, they married them too.

Some of them have been with their sweethearts for a very long time, too. Check them out.

1. The Waitress Who Married Ghost Rider


Alice Kim was a waitress working in a restaurant when Nicolas Cage popped in one day. He took her number and they were married in 2004.

2. An Audience Member Steals Steve Harvey's Heart


Steve Harvey told his future wife Marjorie, "I don't know who you are, but I'm going to marry you," when he saw her in the audience at his show. He did marry her in 2007.

3. Susie Feldman Fell In Love Watching Stand By Me


His role in Stand By Me may have been Corey Feldman's finest hour. It was certainly enough for Playboy model Susie Feldman to fall in love with him

4. Jamie Lee Curits Grabs Christopher Guest


Jamie Lee Curtis fell for Christopher Guest after seeing his picture in Rolling Stone magazine. She decided to marry him on the spot and they've spent more than 30 years together now.


5. John Toth Wins The Hand Of Reese Witherspoon

Hollywood Take

John Toth works at the talent agency Witherspoon's. He had always liked Reese from a distance and their meeting was a big deal for him. It turns out she liked him, too, and they tied the knot in 2014.

6. Nothing Cold About Chris Martin's Play For Gwyneth


Chris Martin was referring to Gwyneth Paltrow as his "girlfriend" before they had even met in real life. The sparks must have flown when they did meet, because it led to a walk down the aisle

7. Cash Warren Produces Passion With Jessica Alba


Cash Warren was a production assistant on Fantastic Four when he got himself a date with the star, Jessica Alba. They got hitched in 2008.

8. Josh Duhamel Dreamed Of Fergie

Celebrity Babies

Josh Duhamel told a magazine in 2004 that he was in love with Fergie and "dreamed of her." When they finally met, she asked, "How was I in your dream?" They wed in 2009.

9. Adam Shulman Was Crushing On Anne Hathaway


They married in 2012, but Adam Shulman is very clear that he'd had a massive crush on Hathaway for a long time. He was too shy to ask her out for a long time.

10. David Beckham Nets Posh Spice


David Beckham spoke to The Sun and explained that his future wife was his idea of the perfect woman. She must have been, because they've been married for nearly 20 years now.


11. Jackie Titone Snags Adam Sandler


Titone says she was a big fan of Adam Sandler when she was offered a part in his movie Big Daddy. She must have been, as she married him in 2003.

12. Nick Cannon Meets His Pinup Star

Unreality TV

Nick Cannon says he had Mariah Carey posters on his wall when he was young. They met in 2008 and were married a short while later.

13. Danny Moder Captures Julia Roberts


Danny Moder was smitten when he met Julia Roberts on the set of The Mexican. He was her cameraman, and only a short time later, he became her husband.

14. Amy Railsback Has Coffee With Danny Bonaduce


Amy Railsback, Bonaduce's third wife, was a huge fan when she bumped into him in a coffee shop. Now they're married and she's his manager.

15. Wiz Khalifa Romanced Amber Rose


Wiz Khalifa told an interviewer that his perfect woman was Amber Rose. She was so happy that she went on Twitter to get in touch. Now they have a son.

It's nice to know that a big fan of a star can end up living happily ever after with them. It makes you believe in true love. 

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