Chalk Hacks

These days, every classroom is equipped with a smartboard, laptops and a whiteboard or two. But for me, nothing is better than an old fashioned chalk board. Sure it has its downsides, you have to constantly clean out erasers and scraping nails across the board is one of the worst sounds in the world, but there’s just something about the look and smell of a chalkboard that can’t be replaced. Go to any neighborhood and you can probably find children using chalk to draw in their driveways. I certainly remeber playing more than my fair share of hopscoth games thanks to a bucket of chalk my parents had. 

Once you become an adult though, your reasons to use chalk become more and more limited. Luckily, there are a lot more uses for chalk then you would ever expect. There are plenty of everyday applications of chalk that don’t involve drawing stick figures and animals on a sidewalk. Many of these hacks are very simple and could make your life a whole lot easier.

 Use chalk to whiten your nails. 

It may sound strange, but chalk can do wonders for your nails and will save you money in the long run. All you have to do is sharpen a piece of chalk with a pencil sharpener and use it to dig out excess dirt underneth your nails. Just wash off any dust left on your fingertips and you are good to go.

For your keys 

Use chalk to keep your keys from getting jammed in a lock. Just rub chalk around the outer edges of a key and you’ll never have a problem again.

To get rid of grease stains 

Believe it or not, chalk will help you get rid of those nasty stains on your shirt. Before you toss it in the washing machine, rub some chalk on the stain, let it set for a few minutes, and your shirt will be as good as new.


Removing water stains 

Do you have ugly brown stains on your ceiling that look like this? It’s probably caused by a water leak, but you can temporarily disguise it by rubbing chalk over the affected area.

Cleaning silverware 

Do you want your silverware to shine again? Over time, silverwear can become tarnished. So to prevent this, just wrap some chalk in cloth and store it with the silverware you want to keep fresh. It also works for jewelry. 

Freshen up your closet 

To keep your closet from smelling like dirty clothes, just place a pack of chalk nearby. This will absorb all of the unwanted odors and keep your closet smelling nice and clean.

Getting rid of ants 

It sounds weird, but ants hate to walk across a line of chalk. Instead of calling an exterminator, just draw a line of chalk on your floor and keep those ants from ever entering.


To prevent rust 

Because chalk is so absorbant, it can help rust from forming on any valuables. If you want to keep your tools looking spiffy, just keep a handful of chalk pieces inside your toolbox.

For safety 

To prevent your children from playing next to dangerous objects, draw a circle around anything you don’t want your kids near. They will know not to enter the chalk zone and little Rudy will be safe and sound.

Make more chalk 

Eventually, your piece of chalk will become too small to use. Don’t worry, there is still life in it. Crush it into small pieces and mix with water. Then, you can pour it into a mold and let your kids have fun with it.

Chalk is way more useful than we give it credit for. Have you used any of these tricks? Will you try any of them? Make sure to let us know how it goes. 

Via: Faithtap

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