Challenge Your Eyesight With This Tricky Test

Every day, we spend countless hours staring at screens - computer screens, TV screens, tablets, cell phones, and more. All this screen-staring has been proven to be damaging to our eyesight, but now there's a fairly quick and easy way to challenge your eyes (and brain) and keep them sharp.

The makers of this test created several different versions, each of which challenge different aspects of your vision, as well as the neural networks through which your brain and eyes communicate. Your task is simple enough: find a letter/number in a field of similar-looking letters/numbers. Sounds easy enough in theory, but in practice? See for yourself!

There are, however, certain things you can do to help you pass this test. You could try to scan your eyes across each row, or you could start by examining the ends of the rows to see if anything doesn't line up. I like using the latter approach, but applying it to the whole field. going by columns instead of rows. If you've got any of your own tips on how to best spot these, please send them our way via Facebook comment.

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H/T: Life Aspire

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