Cheap Kitchen Hacks That Will Make You Master Of Your Domain

The kitchen is the place where magic happens. However, it can also be a place where things don't quite go according to plan because you're trying to do too many things at once. 

That means any kitchen hack that lets you do something in a simpler and more straightforward manner is a win. We like these kitchen hacks because they don't cost a fortune, they're really easy to implement and they really make a big difference when you're getting things done.

Who would have thought that you could get so much extra utility from a lemon, for example? Check these ideas out, you're going to love them. 

1. Sparkling Clean


Lemons, apart from tasting great with soda water, are also really useful for shining up a steel sink. They'll obliterate water marks in no time. Just dry with a cloth when you're finished. 

2. Sorting Out The Plumbing


When the sink gets clogged, you don't need to buy drain cleaning solution. Just mix together baking soda and salt, pour it onto the blockage, and add vinegar. Hot water will drain the gunk away when it's done.

3. No More Burned Edges


This is simply genius. Get rid of the burned bits on toast or anything that you've baked by using a cheese grater. It's so obvious in hindsight.

4. No Boiling Over


Placing a wooden spoon lengthways over the top of a pan can stop it from boiling over. Not only does it break up the bubbles, it also absorbs some of the excess moisture. 

5. Easy Ice Packs


We absolutely love this. To create an effective ice pack, put a moist sponge in a plastic bag and freeze it. This can be recycled endlessly, too. 

6. Pasta Packing


There's no need to shell out a small fortune on expensive spaghetti jars. The old tubes from Pringle's chips can be perfect for the same job.

7. Stem Removal


This is really cool. Removing strawberry stems can be really hard work, but if you push a straw through the fruit, it becomes a piece of cake. 

8. Cutting Boards Renewed


Cutting boards can get a bit worn and stinky-looking if you let them. However, rub down with a lemon, then cover with coarse salt and leave it for about 15 minutes and you can completely refresh your boards. Try it now and see. 

9. Cutting Corners


Want to cut up your soft foods without leaving marks all over them? Grab some dental floss out of the bathroom. Look how easy it is!


10. More From The Microwave


If you've ever thought how handy it would be to get two bowls in the microwave at the same time, here's how to do it - use a glass to raise one bowl up above the other.

11. Suck It Up


This is really clever. You squeeze a plastic bottle and then use it to "hoover up" the egg yolk from the white. It's the easiest separation method we've ever seen.

12. Rapid Slicing


Why you need to halve a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes at once for your salad, put them between two plates. Then run the knife through the gap. Job done and quickly. 

13. Instant Juicing


If you don't have a juicer but you still need to get juice, this is a great way to do it. Simply take a pair of tongs and squeeze the fruit over a bowl. 

14. Sharp Tip


This requires a tea cup with a ceramic base. If you can find one, you can then sharpen knives on it by swiping the knife over the base at an angle. 

15. Perfect Pancakes


It can be hard to work out how much pancake batter is enough and to stop it from clumping in the pan. That is, unless you use a plastic bottle to pour it from. Then it's really easy.

16. Interesting Pancake Shapes

DIY n Crafts

This is so simple, but it makes pancakes so much more exciting, particularly if you have young children. Cookie cutters can be filled with pancake mix from an icing dispenser. 

17. Rapidly Soften Butter

DIY n Crafts

Warm a glass (either microwave or run under hot water) and then place it over butter on a plate. This will quickly soften (but not melt) the butter so it spreads easily.

18. Easy Egg Shell Removal

DIY n Crafts

It can be a real pain to try and pull a stray piece of shell out a cracked egg but in fact, all you need is wet fingers. It's like magic.

19. Get Your Corn Easily

DIY n Crafts

We love corn, but it's not easy to get off that cob is it? This is the way to do it. Stick it in the depression in the center of a Bundt cake pan and then scrape with a sharp knife. Not only does it hold the cob in place, but it also catches the corn as it falls off. 

20. Easy Peel Garlic

We Are Not Foodies

You don't have to peel garlic by hand. Put the individual pieces in a bowl. Then place another bowl of the same size on top. Shake the bowls hard as you can. All the skin will fall off, leaving perfectly peeled garlic behind. 


21. Keep Cookies Moist For Longer

The Bearfoot Baker

There's nothing more disappointing than a stale, dry cookie is there? You can avoid this by placing a wedge of cut apple in the box with the cookies. It will keep them moist. 

22. Keeping Brown Sugar Perfectly


Tired of having your brown sugar clump when it comes to baking? Just put a slice of bread in the box with it. Strangely the bread stops the clumping and the sugar stops the bread from becoming moldy. 

23. Open Jars Easily

DIY n Crafts

Next time you find that a jar lid has become stuck, don't fight it. Use an ordinary bottle opener to level the lid slightly and it will open instantly. 

24. Healthy Ice Cubes

DIY N Crafts

Who says an ice cube has to be made of water? Fresh fruit can be frozen and serve as an awesome ice cube and it has the benefit of not watering down your drink when it melts. Oh, and you can eat the fruit. 

25. Make Everything Taste Richer

DIY n Crafts

Wish that your cakes and cookies tasted richer? Then ditch the vegetable oil and replace it with butter. It's much nicer. You can also replace water with milk if you want things to be richer still. 

26. Cut Down Your Costs

DIY n Crafts

If you want great quality equipment in your kitchen but don't have a lot of cash, then it's a good idea to buy from restaurant supply stores. Restaurants won't pay over the odds, but they need long lasting, hard wearing kitchen supplies.

27. Make Sure Avocados Are Perfectly Ripe

DIY n Crafts

Take a dark skinned avocado (light green ones aren't ripe) and then remove the nub of the stem. If it's too ripe, then it will be dark. If it's perfectly ripe, it will be much lighter than the rest of the fruit. This can help you pick the right avocado before you take it home and find out you wasted money.

28. Rice Cooker Pancakes

DIY n Crafts

OK, they might look a little unusual, but basically, you can fill a rice cooker with pancake mix, switch it on and get a pancake cake. Add a little green coloring if you want one that looks like this. 

29. Cookie Not Cake

DIY n Crafts

You can turn any cake mix into cookie dough. Just add 2 eggs and a half cup of oil. This works because the ingredients used in cake mix are the same as in cookie dough, they just use different packaging. 

30. Make Bad Wine Good Again

DIY n Crafts

If a wine has a nasty sulfur taste to it, it can be revived by simply dropping a penny into it for a while. The copper in the penny removes the sulfur from the wine.

These tips are all so simple that we can't believe we didn't think of them before. We hope that you'll find them as useful in your kitchen as we did in ours. 

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