Check Out The Most Hilarious Wildlife Photos Ever Taken... These Are Just Too Funniy

We don't know if animals really feel emotions or whether we are attributing something that we do to them. Scientists are conducting research in this area, but it may be decades before they come to any real conclusions.

What we do know is that it seems like animals feel emotions. When you take a look at the photos that we have for you here, you'll be absolutely convinced of it. All these images show animals in crazy situations, but you can't help but empathize with them.

Come and take a look, you'll be absolutely amazed and absolutely amused at the same time.

1. But It's Lucky

Comedy Wildlife Photo

This ox is discovering what most of us already know. When a bird poops on you, it's not lucky, no matter how many times people tell you that it is.

2. The Deer Inventor

Comedy Wildlife Photo

"What do you think of this honey, I call it camouflage?"

"Umm... I think it needs a little work deer, but you're heading in the right direction."

3. The Owl Having One Of Those Days


Nobody ever mentioned what happened to the owls that didn't get assigned to a wizard in the Harry Potter books, did they? Well, this is what happens.

4. Sleeping Squirrel

Splash Images

Well, he's either sleeping or he's practicing an ancient martial art and he's poised to explosively strike the next person to go near his acorns.


5. The Fox That Wants To Be A Window Cleaner


We heard that things weren't great in the fox economy, but do they really need to go out and clean windows with their tongues just to keep a den above their cubs' heads?

6. You Will Be A-seal-milated


Here we have Star Trek's Borg trying out their very first seal life form and failing to be subtle about it. Where's Picard when you need him?

7. The Chameleon Hangover


"Hey guys, it was a really wild time last night. Hey guys? Where did you go? Guys? Did I do something really silly? Come back, guys!"

8. Hitchcock's Hippo?

Wildlife Photo

We think the late, great Alfred Hitchcock would like the idea that somewhere in the middle of Africa, a hippo had watched his classic horror film The Birds and taken it to heart.

9. The Cheetah Face Plant

Comedy Wildlife Photo

There are disadvantages to being the fastest animal on earth and one of those is that when you trip when you're running, you really go down hard.

10. The King Of The Jungle's Epic Photo Fail


There's always one, isn't there? You wait for ages with the camera for them to get ready and then you push the button and they're making a funny face. Shame on you Simba.


11. The Bear Who Needed Kleenex


This bear's face is fantastic as he does what so many of us have done at some point - try to resist a sneeze. It's not going to work and there is no bear Kleenex. Poor thing.

12. Goat Too Much Time On His Hands


This goat looks like he may have eaten a few herbs for medicinal purposes and then he ate a few more. It's goat to be said, his face is wonderful.

13. The Comedy Cow


There's always a joker in every group and this cow's job is to entertain his friends and family. At least, that's what he thinks.

14. Bambi Be Trolling


It's not every day that a deer comes over, pops her head through an open window and then sticks her tongue out at you, but this deer had a bet to win with her buddies.

15. Inter-species Awkwardness

Comedy Wildlife Photos

There they were, just minding their own business, out for a work in the warm of the day and then boom! They crossed paths and neither of them knew just what to say. 

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