Check Out This Compilation Of Absolutely Adorable Christmas Kitties

Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas ... cat? Anyone who's ever owned (or, more accurately, been owned by) a cat knows that they can err a little on the sneaky, mischievous side. And talk about curiosity! If there's some nook to explore, some cranny to squeeze themselves into, cats are there. So, when a dense, leafy Christmassy jungle gets placed right out in the open, how could any cat resist?

I mean, who needs an angel or a star atop the tree when you've got this elegant feline?

Or maybe this caught-out kitty underneath?

I think everyone would agree that a slightly spiky tree is the perfect spot for relaxing.

Possibly, it's actually the perfect place from which to spy on unsuspecting humans.


Hopefully, though, the humans will be at least a bit suspecting and rescue any poor feline that gets stuck face-first.

For heavily decorated trees, this kitty suggests climbing from the middle, right up the trunk, before peeking out of the branches.

That makes for the perfect vantage point from which to attack the decorations from within.

Maybe it's time to bring out the inner stealth skills and slip quietly from branch to branch.

Or forget stealth all together and perch on top like he owns the place.


If climbing is too much effort, just get ready and jump!

If the human dared to put an angel on top instead of the gorgeous feline that already lives in the house year round, just tear her down.

Even better ... Tear the whole tree down. Then summon all the neighborhood cats and go to town.

Via: Sungazing

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