Childhood Fun Doesn't Have To Be Expensive. These 33 Great Ideas Are All $10 Or Less

Whether you are a parent, grandparent or babysitter, keeping kids occupied during the summer can be a challenge. Thankfully, we have 33 activities that are not only fun and safe, but cost less than $10. So, turn off the TV, roll up your sleeves and get ready to be creative – you’ll most likely enjoy it as much as the kids.

1. Use colored tape to make roads for toy cars. 

Play At Home Mom LLC

2. Then, take your tape outside to make oversized games on the patio.

The 36th Avenue

3. The driveway transforms into a fun target game with chalk and sponges.

Mamas Like Me

4. Chalk also provides a unique way to play dress-up.

Six Sisters’ Stuff

5. Exploding paints bags are a messy, but fun activity.

Growing a Jeweled Rose

6. Out of paint? Plastic lids, glue and food coloring work just as well.

Housing a Forest

7. Tape bubble wrap to your kid’s feet to create “stomp” paintings.

Mess for Less

8. Cut holes in a tarp to make a carnival-like throwing game.

Guru to the Outdoors

9. Cut up sponges to play an extra-quiet game of Jenga.

Kate via Blogspot

10. Create a river of tinfoil in the backyard. Bonus points for adding toy boats.

Hus & Hem

11. Attach an empty paper towel tube to the wall for a simple game that toddlers will love. 

Teaching Mama


12. They’ll also enjoy threading pipe cleaners through a colander, a fun activity that improves dexterity.

No One Has More Fun Than The Adams’

13. Practice “sewing” with plastic needles and a burlap bag.


14. Or, practice writing letters in a tray of sugar or salt.


15. Pitch a tent indoors. Once inside, tell spooky stories, sing songs and eat homemade s’mores.

The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide

16. Experiment with water marbles – you can make something similar at home.

Just Another Day in Paradise

17. Create a giant “alien bubble.”


18. If you’re feeling particularly experimental, try extracting the DNA from strawberries.

The Homeschool Scientist

19. Balloon rockets never fail to be a hit.

Discover Explore Learn

20. Play a game of mini-bowling with a marble and some pencil erasers.

Frugal Fun for Boys

21. Use yarn to create a safe obstacle course.

Ellis Benus

22. Pretending that the floor is lava is a classic and educational game.

Toddler Approved

23. Heat a bar of soap in the microwave to make a soap cloud.

Our Best Bites


24. Host the popcorn Olympics.

Or So She Says...

25. Or, play a game of balloon ping pong – exciting enough to be fun, but soft enough to avoid accidents.

Keeping it Simple Crafts

26. Spread painters tape across a doorway to form an interactive spiderweb.

Hands On: As We Grow

27. Make an indoor slide out of an old box or two.

The Contemplative Creative

28. Bubble are great, but a rainbow bubble snake is even better.

Housing a Forest

29. Although, this DIY bubble wand might take the cake.

Fun Crafts Kids

30. A balloon filled with Play-Doh is a cheap and easy new toy.

Play Create Explore

31. Grab some white t-shirts, sandpaper and crayons to create customized t-shirts.

Alpha Mom

32. Half of an old pool noodle makes the perfect raceway for a marble.

HomeSpun Threads

33. And can also be used to craft a backyard obstacle course.

Learn Play Imagine

What cheap and easy activities do you know? Share them with us in the comments below. And don’t forget to share these awesome ideas with your friends and family.

Credit: Viral Nova

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