Children On School Bus Sing Happy Birthday To Grandma

Mar 18, 2016

We all have a story of a unique neighbor that added a little extra something to our lives. Growing up, there was a man in our family's neighborhood named John who would always bring us candy and fun gifts. In return, we would bake him cookies and play with his dog. These kind of friendly relationships exist all over the world, and it's nice to stop and appreciate them sometimes. In a small town in Ohio, a friendly neighbor got a surprise she never expected.

Doris is an 88-year-old woman who is nicknamed "grandma" because of the way she treats all the kids in her community. Every morning, she walks to the edge of her driveway to blow kisses at the passing school bus. In the five years since Doris began doing this, she hasn't missed a single day. It's become a tradition for both Doris and the kids, who can count on receiving her love every day. 

As Doris' birthday approached, the school wanted to do something for her to show how much they appreciate what she has given to them. So instead of just driving by, the school bus came to a stop right outside Doris' home and the kids began to sing "Happy Birthday" to grandma. It was a touching moment that Doris never saw coming, and one that she won't soon forget. To top it off, the students blew kisses back to Doris to show how much they cared. "Grandma" plans to keep waving and sending love to the kids as long as she can. 

H/T: Poke My Heart

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