Choose The Path You're Most Drawn To. You May Be Surprised By What It Reveals About Your Personality

Are you ready for a little weekend fortune-telling relaxation? This test is incredible, not only for how spot on it is, but how relaxing and pleasant it is, too. 

For maximum relaxation, let these soothing forest sounds play as you make your decision. Ready? 

It's a beautiful day and you've decided to take a walk through the woods. You see several clearings, each with their own path. You need to choose one. Which one do you choose?

If you chose path 1:

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You are gentle and kind, a little nostalgic and very sensitive to your environment. The flowery path reveals that you take the time to appreciate the little things in life and find the small things that make you happy. Springtime always brings pleasant bursts of personal growth for you, so enjoy your prime season. Don't be afraid to find your voice and speak up.


If you chose path 2:

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You have an adventurous spirit and you're up for trying anything once. You speak your mind with no problem and you pride yourself on being a trusted and loyal friend. If you are taking on a challenge right now, keep going. Your courage and strength will pull you through to the top.

If you chose path 3:


When you are faced with a decision, you like to take your time to think over all of your options and make the best decision for you in a logical, justified way. You enjoy silence and need a lot of alone time, but you aren't afraid of having your own adventures all by yourself. Don't be afraid to invite people into your world sometimes. A friend might give you a fresh perspective.

If you chose path 4:


You have a great sense of humor and play. Anything flashy, fun and colorful calls out to you and your life is filled with vibrant, passionate people. The canopied path shows that you're looking upward instead of straight ahead. That's okay, but make sure that you check what is coming in your future and don't avoid thinking about what is to come.


If you chose path 5:

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The autumnal path shows that you are in a time of transition, possibly facing a challenge. Rest assured that your easygoing, sincere nature will carry you through all the twists and turns to come. Don't be afraid to use your warm and kind energy to reach out to others during this time.

If you chose path 6:


Although you feel like you're used to walking alone, the dark path shows that you are looking for shelter and compassion right now. Don't worry, even though you are unafraid to walk in the dark, a light awaits you at the end. You feel things very deeply and when you invite someone into your world, you choose very carefully. Your careful selection and patience will pay off for you soon.

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