Clever 5-Year-Old Keeps Her Cool In The Most Adorably Funny Way During A 911 Call

When five-year-old Savannah's father found himself struggling to breathe, he called 911. Unfortunately, his condition left him unable to communicate properly, so Savannah had to take over on the phone. What followed was possibly one of the most precious 911 calls ever. Before we proceed, we should note that everything turned out fine in the end and Savannah's dad is perfectly alright.

She does an amazing job letting the emergency operator know what was wrong with her dad, and even went and unlocked the door so paramedics could get in easily when they arrived.

She stays remarkably calm throughout - perhaps too calm at certain points. For instance, she makes a point of noting that "We’re in our jammies. And I’m in a tank top. So I’ll have to get dressed [...] I don’t know what I am going to wear; but he really needs oxygen, real fast." She really does have a lot on her mind right now!

All joking aside, it's important that children know all about calling 911 in an emergency. The first thing to teach children is what an emergency is and what it isn't. Children need to know that a fire or finding someone unconscious definitely deserves a 911 call, while a skinned elbow or stolen toy do not. They should also know to speak slowly and clearly, and to never end the call until the dispatcher says it's okay.

Check out Savannah's adorably funny 911 call below, and be sure to SHARE it with your family and friends.

H/T: jeffsaks123

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