Clever Ways To Organize Your Garage

Garages are a great place for storing vehicles, working on projects and helping your house run more efficiently. Unfortunately, many garages aren't used to their full potential and quickly fill up with junk, hardly leaving enough room for you to walk around. These eight hacks are easy ways to get your garage back in working order. Before you know it, it'll feel like you added a new room to your house without ever calling a contractor.

1. Ceiling Storage Bins

Just My 2 Cents

It only takes a few pieces of wood to create sturdy tracks capable of holding storage bins and light items.

2. Use A Towel Rack To Store Garbage Bags

Top This Top That

Are you tired of bending down to pull garbage bags out of those tiny boxes? Simply mount a towel rack on your wall and they'll always be available.

3. Hang Your Bikes


Quit leaning your bikes together and letting them get tangled. A few well-placed hooks make sure everyone always knows where their bike goes.

4. Specify Your Work Area


If your garage didn't come with one, workbenches are easy to make and really help transform your space. Understanding what purpose each area serves in the first step in organizing any room.


5. Flippable Pegboard Organizer

Woodsmith eTips

Not everyone has a big garage with enough wall space for a huge pegboard that can hold all of their tools. This modular organizer is the perfect solution as it allows you to ditch your cluttered toolbox without taking up too much space. Now, everything you need is just a flip away. Don't worry, making one of these for your own garage couldn't be easier.

6. Multi-Tape Dispenser

Popular Woodworking

My garage currently has seven different types of tape and keeping them organized can be a hassle. All you need for this DIY organizer is some scrap lumber, screws and a hacksaw blade. Oh, and don't forget plenty of tape!

7. Magnetic Wall Mounts

The Cavender Diary

Most of the tools in your garage are part metal, making this a great way to keep them within reach at all times. It’s also a creative way to decorate your walls.

8. Become A Boxer

Decor Adventures

Instead of letting junk pile up, put things in labeled boxes that make them easy to transport when you're ready to get rid of them.

9. Miniature Parking Garage

Mom Endeavors

Sometimes the most disorganized part of our garage is the driveway. After all, it's difficult to pull your car in when the path is blocked by Power Wheels and tricycles. Keep your driveway clutter-free by building this tiny garage for your kids' little vehicles. Click here for a full list of instructions.


10. Take Out The Trash ... Literally

The Garage Journal

Get rid of nasty odors and residues by creating an outdoor space for your trash and recycling.

11. Recycling Hub

Better Homes and Gardens

Here at Wimp, we love to recycle. Whether you live alone or have a house full of your own little rascals, recyclables stack up fast, so it's important to have a good organization system in place. A few properly labeled bins and bags can make your recycling process run smoother than ever before.

12. Organize Every Day

East Coast Creative

Making sure shoes, jackets, toys and bikes go in a specific place every time will keep your garage in order all year long. 

Via: Diply | FaithTap

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