Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Kitchen Items

When is a placemat more than just a placemat? When does a colander turn into something more? All it really takes is a little outside-the-box thinking and a bit of handyness and you may find that a whole lot of your old kitchen utensils and other items can be repurposed into something totally different. Not only does this reduce the amount of stuff you throw out, you save money by no longer having to buy store-bought versions of the things that you made.

Put a placemat around a jar, can or vase to make a stylish utensil holder. Learn how here.

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Burner covers make a great magnetic board to hold reminders and photos. Decorate with colorful paper or spray paint to fit your decor. Learn how here.


Kitchen stool can be transformed into a planter with relative ease. Learn how here.


Turn that old serving tray into a stylish message board with some chalkboard paint.


Use a utensil drawer as an organizer for your night stand.


Dish racks are a great way to sort mail. 



Use an ice cube tray as a painter's palette.

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Similar to the burner covers, an old baking tray spruced up with some contact paper makes for a great magnet board.


A bottle rack can be converted into a home organizer with relative ease.


Turn old dinnerware into an elegant clock. You'll need a ceramic drill bit and a clock kit. Learn how here.

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Potholders can be used as an emergency clutch. Learn how here.


Speaking of potholders, why not use them to store that hot curling rod?


You could also turn a fork into a fun curtain holder.



Old pots and pans can be turned into planters.


A colander drilled to fit some wiring and a light bulb makes for a funky kitchen-themed lamp. Learn how here.


You could also do something similar using old tin cans. Learn how here.


Finally, why not turn an old cutting board into a tablet holder? Perfect for looking up recipes while cooking. Learn how here.

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