Closet Contains An Impressive Amount Of Storage, All Hidden In Plain Sight

The key to a comfortable, spacious home is good organization. Clutter and poorly placed furniture can make a place feel significantly smaller than it really is, so it's important to be strategic when it comes to organizing storage space. Even the biggest home can feel cramped and overcrowded if you leave your possessions carelessly strewn across the house.

The same principle is applied to small homes. A modest living space can offer so much if you know how to place and store all of your belongings. Over the past couple of years, tiny houses have become incredibly popular, and they largely depend on strategic organization. If you think those minuscule dwellings are impressive, just wait until you see this unbelievably small room transform into a comfortable living space!

It started with this 86-square-foot room. It is quite possibly one of the smallest living quarters in all of Paris.

And here it is after renovations. Simply stunning! But wait until you see all of its cool features.

This wall of closets and storage space will blow your mind. One door leads to a pull-out shelf ...

... Which also doubles as stairs that lead to the bed above!


Best of all, you still get all the privacy that you want when you go to sleep.

Another door reveals a surprisingly spacious closet - complete with a small storage space above and enough room for shoes below.

What's that next to the closet, you ask? Are those furniture legs suspended behind the door?

They are, in fact, chairs! And the top of this compartment becomes a table for you to enjoy a meal or to get some work done.


It is incredible just how much you can fit and store in this tiny unit. Before the transformation, this living space didn't even feature a bathroom!

The sink can be covered to create extra counter space.

It is hard to believe that all your essential needs can fit into one wall like this. The bathroom is fully equipped with a toilet, shower, and sink with cupboards.

To learn more about this incredible unit, check out the video below:

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H/T: LifeBuzz | Kitoko Studio

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