Coco The Dog Completes Her Bucket List

Bucket lists are a popular way for people to figure out what they want to accomplish before they pass away. With only so many years to live and an almost endless amount of places to visit and things to do, it's important to pursue the things that bring us, and those around us, the most joy. It isn't often, though, that we hear about pets having bucket lists, but Coco the dog isn't your average pet. When she was diagnosed with bone cancer, Coco's owner wrote a bucket list that would make sure she had an exceptional time before she had to say goodbye. Check out the photos below to see Coco's epic journey as she made her way through the list.

This is Symon, Theresa and Coco.

Symon adopted her in 2006 when she was just an energetic pup. 

But, like every dog, Coco eventually grew up. When she was eight years old, the vet informed Symon that Coco had a tumor.

The official diagnosis was bone cancer. The rate at which it was spreading only gave Coco a few more weeks to live. When the Daily Mail asked him about receiving the news, Symon had this to say: “I had a bit of a cry about it right there and then when I was told — I asked the vet how long are we looking at and in my head I was thinking 12 months, but she said four weeks. I was devastated.”


"I was crying for most of the weekend after being told. Dogs are really clever and they pick up on your mood and adopt it, so she was feeling low too. I thought 'I need to snap out of this'. We came up with the bucket list idea that weekend really. We want to give Coco the best end of life possible."

Symon, along with his partner Theresa, wrote a thrilling bucket list that would give Coco the finale she deserved.

- Get a 3-D scan
- Run on a beach
- Play with other dogs on a beach
- Play football on a beach
- Run into the sea
- Eat fish and chips on the beach
- Share an ice cream with daddy at the beach
- Have photos with daddy, mummy and nanny
- Go for a ride in mummy’s TT Convertible
- Sit in a police car
- Sit in a fire engine
- Sit in a police helicopter
- Sit in the front cab of a train
- Go swimming in a pool with daddy
- Eat a steak in a restaurant
- Order and eat a Big Mac from a drive through
- Go to work with daddy
- Go to work with mummy
- Photo with British Transport Police
- Appear in the media
- Cast a paw print
- Try sushi

Coco managed to do everything on her list.

If dogs love to stick their heads out of windows, can you imagine how great a convertible is?

I'd imagine Big Macs are on every dog's bucket list.


Coco was lucky enough to meet some real-life heroes.

Forget Big Macs, Coco experienced some fine dining that was way better.

Symon and Theresa had Coco's paw print cast in metal and framed in her memory.

Coco passed away, but not before experiencing the love that Symon and Theresa had for her. On the day of her death, Symon posted this on Facebook:

“On 05/05/15, with tears in my eyes, I walked to the vet and said, “its time.” They understood. At 11:15 there was a knock at the door, it was the vet, for some strange reason you are able to bounce around and greet them at the door, perhaps it was your sense of pride. At 12:01, one last time you were lying next to me, as the vet talked to you, you stopped for an instant turned your head and looked at me as if to say, "Thank you for taking care of me," I thought, “No thank you for taking care of me. REST IN PEACE MY SOULMATE, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER & LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY WE ARE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. DADDY. XXXXXXXX"

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