College Basketball Team Has The Most Ridiculous Celebrations

Dec 3, 2015

Some athletes might act upset to be a bench player, but if you’re on the Monmouth University basketball team, the bench is exactly where you want to be. The Hawks recently competed in the Advocare Invitational, a tournament that featured some of the top college basketball programs from across the country. Though the team did well, and even pulled off a few upsets, all anyone can talk about is their elaborate and hilarious celebrations.

The small college from central New Jersey was recently featured on the front page of ESPN’S and USA Today’s websites for their impressively coordinated routines. There’s even been a national debate sparked as to which dance move is the best. We’re partial to “The Big Catch,” but you can judge for yourself.

Here they are getting warmed up before the game.

First they will intimidate you,

And then they will distract you.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a dunk.

Or a three-pointer.

These guys will celebrate anything.

Sometimes it’s tightly choreographed...

And sometimes it’s not.


But it’s always entertaining.

Luckily for all us, the Monmouth Hawks have over 20 games left to play this season so there is sure to be much more ridiculousness still to come. They will definitely be the team we will be rooting for come March Madness.


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