Compact Pod Transforms Into An Open-Air Book Exchange

It’s no secret that print media isn’t doing so well these days. Magazine and newspaper sales have declined drastically, e-readers have replaced many books and chain book stores like B. Dalton no longer exist. However, that doesn’t mean that print doesn’t have a place in the modern world – far from it. It’s just that how we get our hands on it may be very different in the future.

In the Newmarket area of Toronto, architecture studio AKB has constructed something incredible. It’s the first structure of its kind, and is sure to delight bookworms everywhere. Introducing … the Story Pod.

When the Story Pod is closed, it doesn’t look like anything more than a hunk of metal. 


Even a bird’s eye view doesn’t provide any clues about what it is or what could be inside. 

But when the walls begin to open … 

It’s clear that there is nothing boring or usual about it. The Story Pod is an open-air book exchange, with walls meant to imitate the open pages of a book. 


Anyone is invited to take a book, leave a book or simply sit down and read for a while. 

At night, the Story Pod seals to protect the books and seating inside … 

And an LED lighting system switches on, turning the Story Pod into the best nightlight ever for the surrounding park and path. That’s a whole lot of brilliance in one pod! 

Via: My Modern Met | AKB

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