Concerned Father Warns Other Parents About The Dangers Of "hair Tourniquets"

Of all the species of life on this planet, humans are quite possibly the weakest, most helpless creature of all at birth. While some animals like horses and other quadrupeds start running around within a few minutes of being born, human babies must be cared after for several years before they are independent enough to potentially survive on their own. Thankfully, human babies have one distinct advantage that allows them to survive - great parenting. 

Humans care for and fuss over their babies to an almost unprecedented extent in the animal kingdom. It's this constant care and attention that allowed us to survive insurmountable odds and become the dominant species on the planet. While this is not to say that other animals don't take excellent care of their babies too, we humans are quick to notice and remedy even the smallest discomfort our kids may be feeling.

Recently, Kansas resident Scott Walker had a pretty big scare involving his infant daughter, Molly. She was having a crying fit and seemed to be overheating. In order to alleviate what he thought was a fever, Scott's wife, Jess, took off Molly's socks. That's when he discovered something truly weird that neither he nor his wife had seen before. After fixing the problem, he took to Facebook to warn other parents about it.

"Had a small scare this afternoon with Ms. Molly. What happened was new to me, but apparently not totally uncommon, so I figured I'd share with my fellow parents out there."

"I was with the family over lunch and Molly was cranky and screaming - nothing out of the ordinary. As worked up as she was getting, she started to overheat, which prompted Jess to remove her socks and cool her down. That's when we saw her toe. This is called a 'hair tourniquet,' which is literally a strand of hair that, while inside a sock, unexplainably wraps around a toe so tight that it can cut through the skin and potentially cut off blood circulation."

"Luckily for Molly, she has a mother with medical emergency superpowers who was able to remove the hair with tweezers and a magnifying glass within a few minutes."

“This picture was taken about 45 minutes after the hair was removed. Unfortunately, the hair managed to cut all the way through Molly's skin, completely around her toe, but it could have been worse had it gone much longer untreated, or if the hair wasn't accessible.

The doctor told me, for future reference, to always check the toes if the baby is inconsolable. Just an FYI to any parents or care takers out there.”

Via: Little Things

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