Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated

You may have heard the term "Siamese twins" in reference to babies who are born with their heads/bodies stuck together. The more acceptable (and more accurate) term is actually conjoined twins. This condition affects one in 200,000 births.

Life for conjoined twins is not easy, and anywhere from 40-60 percent are stillborn while another 35 percent don't usually survive past the first 24 hours. The surgery to separate these twins is incredibly risky and complicated. While chances of success are low, it's also a chance at a new life for them.

Mackenzie and Macy Garrison are two of the rarest conjoined twins in the world. They had a third sister who was born separately five minutes after them, technically making them triplets. Depending on the nature of how the twins are conjoined, the surgery to separate them varies in difficulty. In this particular case, it was a tricky procedure, but the family and doctors felt it was worth the risk.

Thankfully, the twins were successfully separated. This photo shows them shortly after the surgery. They're clearly happy to be split up, but still love being close to each other.

Ice Pice

The girls were fitted with prosthetic limbs and received physical therapy to learn how to walk properly. The family now lives on a big farm in Iowa where they have plenty of animals, including horses!

Ice Pice

Despite the fact that she was born five minutes later, the twins' younger sister actually looks bigger than them, and a lot of people tend to assume she's the older sister.


Mackenzie and Macy have always been close and remain so to this day. When they were conjoined, they used to suck on each other's thumbs for comfort. To this day, they do a lot of things together, though they've also had plenty of opportunities to branch out and find their own interests. Check out the video below to learn more.

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