Contractor Helps Fix And Pay For Single Mother's Roof

Joanna Wiley is a resident of Missouri who'd been suffering from a leaky roof for several months. The single mother was really struggling to get by, and absolutely couldn't afford a contractor. So, she tried to fix the roof on her own, particularly one really troublesome spot right above her daughter's room. Water would constantly pour in and soak the child, along with all of her belongings.

Unfortunately, when Wiley climbed up the ladder to try to make her own DIY repairs, she accidentally fell to the porch, suffering a traumatic brain injury in the process. Sadly, her problems didn't stop there. While she was being treated for her injuries, doctors diagnosed her with thyroid cancer. 

Between her health issues and having to raise her kids, it became virtually impossible to keep her home from falling apart. She tried to get some help via social media, but after six long months, her pleas were unanswered.

Finally, a local roofer named Edward Aguado heard about Jenny's problems and decided to stop by and see how he could help. When he came by the house, he was absolutely heartbroken by the condition it was in. The whole family was suffering in the run-down old house, but poor Joanna was unable to do anything about it.

Edward couldn't help but feel sympathy for them, and he had her roof fixed within three days. At first, Joanna felt somewhat skeptical, because the offer seemed almost "too good to be true." The total cost of repairs was around $10,000, but Edward's kindness was the real deal and all he wanted in return was to know that the family was safe and warm while Joanna recovers.

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H/T: Newsiosity

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