Cop Does The Sweetest Thing After Seeing A Pit Bull Being Beaten By His Owner

In June of 2014, the Cleveland Police Department received and responded to a call about a dog being brutally beaten by its owner. What one police officer does, however, went far above the call of duty.

Back in 2014, Cleveland Police responded to a call about a dog being beaten by its owner in the street. The man was beating him with a brick and tried to choke him.

When officers arrived on the scene, the pit bull jumped into the squad car and instantly revealed his sweet and loving nature.

Officer Brandon Melbar kindly agreed to foster the dog, nicknamed Harvard, since he knew how hard it is for pit bulls to get adopted from shelters. Eventually, he adopted Harvard for himself!

Cleveland Police has gone above and beyond for dogs before, too. Here's Officer John Lyons lying down with a sick, pregnant dog that he took home. His family kept the dog and all her puppies!


Harvard got the medical care he needed to start resuming a normal life again.

Thanks to Officer Melbar for seeing the dog for who it was instead of dismissing him based on his breed.

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H/T: Paw My Gosh

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