Corduroy The Cat Looks Like Any Other Kitty, But He's Actually A Guinness World Records Holder

In 1989, 7-year-old Ashley Reed Okura picked a male kitten out of a litter and named him Corduroy. Maybe it was his coloring or thick coat that first attracted her, but as the years passed, it became clear that Corduroy was a very special cat. While most housecats live an average of 15 years, Corduroy showed no signs of slowing down.

On August 1, 2015, Corduroy turned 26 years old. Only days later, Ashley received an important message from Guinness World Records

Corduroy had earned the title of the world’s oldest living cat. 


What’s the secret to his longevity? Perhaps it’s been love and affection of his trusty human, Ashley, or the beautiful surroundings of their hometown, Sisters, Oregon. 

In a statement to Guinness, Ashley credited physical activity to his health. She said: “Growing up on 160 acres in Oregon, I allowed Corduroy to roam the ranch freely, so he always gets lots of exercise.” 

While Corduroy’s age is impressive, he’s not the oldest cat on record. That title is held by Creme Puff, a Texas cat who lived until 2005 and the age of 38 years and 3 days.


However, Corduroy is quite pleased with his accomplishment. 

Here’s wishing many more years of hunting, pouncing and napping for Corduroy! 

Via: Guinness World Records

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