Couple Backpacks The World With Their Baby

Almost everyone wants to travel the world in their lifetime, but very few ever end up leaving their own country. There are all sorts of factors that make traveling difficult. Flying internationally costs a fortune, not to mention paying for food, lodging and transportation once you arrive. Some places are hard to navigate without a basic knowledge of its primary language. Not to mention most people have full-time jobs that make it difficult for them to leave for more than a week or two each year. But perhaps the biggest (and smallest) obstacle when it comes to traveling is a baby. 

Couples often view babies as a guarantee that they won't be able to travel anywhere far from home for at least a few years. Karen Edwards, a 31-year-old nurse from Ireland, saw her newborn as the exact opposite. Instead of staying home for the duration of her maternity leave, Karen and her partner, Shaun, decided to travel the world when their baby was just 10-weeks-old. Their friends and relatives thought they were crazy to bring little Esmé along with them, but Karen and Shaun quickly showed the world that traveling with a baby isn't as hard as it sounds.

Over the course of their 10-month journey, Esmé and her parents visited Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Their story is so unique, but it doesn't have to be. According to Karen, her "overall aim is to inspire like-minded travel loving parents – your travel days do not have to be over." Check out the pictures below to see what it looks like to travel the world with a young companion like Esmé.

“Both Shaun and I were keen backpackers before I fell pregnant.”

“Everyone thought we were completely nuts when we said that we were going to take Esmé.”

But, just like that, they were off. Shaun quit his job, they sold the car and found someone to rent their house.

Ten months. Three people. One backpack. It looks like Esmé didn’t mind packing light.


They made sure to get Esmé all the proper vaccines before departing.

“Little miss was born in London, has a mum from Ireland and a dad from New Zealand …”

Esmé gets along well with the locals.

“She was really well behaved.”

“Because she was small it was easy enough to keep her in the harness when we were on the move.”

“The only time I felt Esmé was missing out was not having much socialising with other children. However, the libraries always have free rhyme classes if you need to socialise your child a little.”

Esmé is on track to become a surfing prodigy before she turns three.


“The weirdest part of the trip was actually coming home.”

“Esmé hasn’t lived somewhere for a long period of time because we were always moving around.”

Imagine moving back into the suburbs after living in a new place each day.

“It’s also harder to find her things to do in London – well, compared to travelling anyway.” 

Stuffed animal monkeys aren’t as appealing once you’ve played with the real thing.

Not many toddlers can claim a kangaroo as one of their closest friends.

“People say having a child ruins travelling, but it really doesn’t.”

“I can’t imagine having spent my maternity leave any other way.”

You’re never too young to travel the world, just ask Esmé. If you're curious as to how Karen and her daughter managed to live out of nothing but a backpack for 10 whole months, hop on over to her blog for all her best tips.

Via: Bored Panda | Travel Mad Mum

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