Couple Builds A Room Out Of Thin Air

Having kids changes everything. Most parents will tell you their perspective on life totally changed the second after their kid was born. Suddenly, your life isn't just about you anymore. Parents need to devote all of their time and waking energy to making sure the baby is taken care of. Another major change that a child brings, and one that is rarely talked about, is space. Suddenly a cozy house for you and your partner becomes a cramped space in need of an upgrade. 

This is a problem that many young families encounter, most of whom don't have the ability to buy a larger house. What do you do? A few years ago, Angie and her husband faced this exact problem. They lived in a two bedroom townhouse, but with the addition of a baby girl, it soon became too small. 

Angie wanted her daughter to have a play room and an open area to move around, but there was no extra space in the house. So, Angie and her husband got creative. With some imagination and hard work, they were able to build a new room out of thin air - literally. This is how they did it. 

This is Angie's townhouse. As you can see, it's pretty cramped.

But, she had an idea. What if a new play area could be built right above the doorway? 


So, they got to work and built the frame for a loft hanging above the front door.

Angie directed the project while her husband and father-in-law did the manual labor. 

After everything was set and firmly secured, the new play area was ready to go.

The space was built to accommodate space for their daughter's toys as well as a work area for the parents. 


And that's how you build a room out of thin air.

H/T: AWM | Apartment Therapy

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