Couple Builds An Awesome, Colorful Igloo In Their Backyard

When Daniel Gray was visiting his girlfriend and her family in Edmonton, Canada, the New Zealander was determined to enjoy his time, even in the freezing December weather. Along with his girlfriend, Kathleen Starrie, and her parents, they came up with a very clever idea: to build an artistic igloo in their yard.

Brigid Burton, Kathleen’s mother, said “I wanted to keep him occupied, not with my daughter necessarily. I wanted to keep him busy with something else. I didn’t want Daniel to just be twiddling his thumbs while he’s here in Canada, so I thought, this needs to be something that’s got some meat to it.”

Thus, the project was started. Daniel, Kathleen, her parents and a neighbor built something you definitely don’t see each day.

First, they cleared an area in the backyard for their project.

Next, they froze blocks of ice that they colored and created using milk cartons, then started the initial layer.

They added a layer of snow.

It was time for another layer of colored ice blocks.

They wore plenty of layers to stay warm in the freezing weather.


They used well over 100 milk cartons for their project.

Their creation was coming along very nicely.

Now, that’s one impressive igloo!

Daniel is busy at work inside of the igloo.

The inside looks like a brilliant take on the classic igloo design.


Finally, here is the completed colorful igloo, all lit up.

This looks like the perfect winter hideaway.

Daniel was very proud of what they all acoomplished, but he was grateful the project was complete. He said, “It was a lot of work, so it’s nice to actually have it there. It’s been joked about that I have to sleep in it, but I don’t think it’ll be happening.”

This is one inspiring story to remind us there is still plenty we can do, even when the weather drops below freezing.

Have you ever created something incredible in the winter? Tell us all about what you came up with in the comments below!

Credit: Reddit

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