Couple Converted This 450 Square Foot Cottage Into The Cutest Tiny Home

Ron and Sue are a quirky couple out of Millersburg, Ohio who are no strangers to the tiny house movement - they've been at it for nearly three decades now.

This is their latest tiny home, built by the couple in 2001. 

The couple estimates that during the course of their 29-year marriage, their largest home was 900 square feet.

Today they help couples start their first tiny house, sharing what they've learned on their blog. They sum it up in their motto, "Live small to have it all! Live rich with just what you need!"

They call their current home the "Storybook Cottage."

They constructed it by hand over the course of six years. 


Ron describes himself as a "furniture designer/craftsman/artist" and Sue as a "writer/illustrator/craftswoman."

You can kind of just tell by the decor, can't you?

The couple considers their move toward "rational habitation" to be a series of lifelong learning steps.

They insist that you should "live in a place that you feel is home, not just a house."

For them, their tiny house doesn't have that hyper-minimal, sleek look that we see so often.

Rather, it celebrates the clutter and color of life.


"Don’t get rid of the things that make you want to come home," they advise.

 "If you truly love an item, and it fits somewhere in your space, don’t feel you have to get rid of it."

The result has a casual bohemian vibe that doesn't feel as stringent as the more modern-influenced homes.

In short, a place you would happily call home.

Credit: Shiny Tiny Mansion

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