Couple Converts Old Water Tower Into Million Dollar Home

Feb 15, 2016

Landmarks are a vital part of preserving a city's culture, history and beauty ... but who says they can't be put to better use? One couple in London had the bright idea to purchase a water tower in their area and convert it into something incredible ... a house. If you think that sounds crazy, you probably aren't the only one. But, when you see pictures of the finished product, you'll be wishing you'd had the same idea as them.

Now, no one is saying that every landmark should be bought and converted into something more modern and useable. I'd hate to see the Liberty Bell transformed into a hip loveseat for someone's Philadelphia apartment. Or the Washington Monument knocked down and turned into the world's worst bridge. Needless to say, some landmarks and monuments shouldn't be messed with, but the old Lambeth water tower was in desperate need of an update.

Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce purchased the water tower, which had long since achieved "landmark" status, and began converting it into a stylish home. Luckily, water towers in London are a lot different than the ones in the U.S., so they had plenty of room to work with and managed to turn it into one of the most luxurious homes in the city. And just wait until you hear how much they're selling it for. Let's just say we wouldn't be able to afford it, even if everyone who reads this story chips in. For an in-depth look at this newly renovated landmark, check out the images below.

This is a photo of the old water tower before Leigh and Graham bought it. Kind of gloomy, don't you think?

It was originally built in 1877 by Fowler and Hill. Recently, it stood as a part of Lambeth Hospital.

At a towering 99 feet, this tower is tough to ignore. The couple purchased it for $570,000 and began every renovator's dream.

Here's what the old water tower looks like today. The difference is astounding.


The most noticeable difference is the giant "cube" they built onto the side of the tower. It adds a nice splash of modern to the structure's old architecture.

Not to mention it has an awesome patio on top with a view of Big Ben and the London Eye.

Now, let's check out the interior. The enormous windows bathe the kitchen in natural light, making you feel connected with the city even when you're inside.

In addition to the patio, there is plenty of space to entertain inside the house.

Underneath that fancy new carpet are the original York-stone stairs from when the tower was first built.

The bedrooms are simple but elegant, with the high windows letting in plenty of light while still affording you some privacy.

What would a converted water tower be without some vintage looking faucets in the bathroom?


The rich wood provides a nice contrast to a white interior.

A second bedroom? Why not! The best part of having a house like this is allowing guests to share it with you.

This looks like trendy wallpaper, but it's actually alternating wood panels.

All these windows might make guests worry about privacy, but they came up with a solution. This high-tech glass can be changed from clear to opaque with the touch of a button.

Here is the tower, before and after renovation. Are you ready to hear how much it costs? Their current asking price is $9.3 million.

That sounds high, but with a view like this ... it just might be worth the money.

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