Couple Leaves Surprising Tip After Terrible Service

Makenzie and Steven Schultz decided to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary by going out for some sushi. Unfortunately, it seems the restaurant didn't know it was a special night for them, as the service they received was just terrible. It took 20 minutes just for the waiter to bring them water, and 40 minutes to bring their appetizer.

Now, most people would probably just get frustrated with the service and either speak to a manager, leave a bad tip, or go somewhere else. The Schultzes, however, took an entirely different approach and left a tip that was way above what would be considered a standard tip, even for good service! 

In a Facebook post, Makenzie explained what happened in more detail. The fault wasn't with the waiter, but the fact that the restaurant was woefully understaffed. The server was actually doing his absolute best, and never let his frustrating situation affect his friendly demeanor.

Naturally, generosity like this attracted a lot of attention as Makenzie's post went viral. Several news outlets picked up the story, and a brief news clip can be seen below.

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H/T: Uplifting Forever | Makenzie Schultz

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