Couple Lives With Their Horses In This Gorgeously Renovated Barn

If you're like me, you probably heard one phrase repeated often during childhood: Were you born in a barn? All because you, in your excitement to go out and play, had left a door open. Perhaps you were also fortunate enough to get to play in a barn or even “camp out” in the hay. Even if you didn't, you likely wondered, what would be so bad about living in a barn?

Fast-forward to today's world. Housing is no longer just a market for realtors, it's the new medium for creativity and personalization! Whether you're into the functionality of a “tiny house” or you enjoy the child-like feeling of a livable tree-house, there's a niche just for you. Perhaps that's all too much to consider, and a simple renovation of an old home is the ticket for you.

Somewhere in the middle of the straightforward fixer-upper and a near-fantasy home any child would envy falls the home of Johanna Walters and Brian Sweeney. In a story that could have been a fairytale, Johanna and her husband bought an old carriage house with attached horse stables that she frequented as a child.

When Brian first saw the property, he was overwhelmed by its state of disrepair. However, Johanna saw her dream home in that old barn. “She has big, crazy ideas, and we went with it,” Brian shared, and the results are stunning.

Not many of us can say our home is both beautiful and unusual. For Johanna and Brian, that is exactly the point. Their love of horses has become evident in their choice of living space, and, even if you're not ready to move in next to your favorite large animal, you have to appreciate their passion and creativity.

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