Couple Rescues This Dog From The Street. Her Transformation Is Simply Breathtaking

Shayna and her husband, Brandon, volunteer for the local animal shelter in their city of Bali, Indonesia. The homeless animal population there is a huge and persistent problem. So, one day, when the couple saw a lump lying in the middle of the street, they knew they had to intervene. Their story will break your heart.

Her fur had mostly fallen out and was replaced by a swollen crust on her skin.

They recruited a local to help them load the dog onto their bike to take her to safety.

They drove the dog 45 minutes to the nearest shelter.

They saw a fighting spirit in her and they were determined to save her.

Every day, they visited her at the shelter.


They named her Ruby and they started to fall in love with her.

After their visits, Ruby would miss them and cry in her cage.

They already had five rescue animals-- four dogs and a cat-- but they knew they had to bring Ruby into their family.

Ruby is beginning to heal, both emotionally and physically, and her hair is starting to grow back.

Despite what she has been through, she is a very happy little dog.


And she fits in perfectly.

Ruby is finally getting the life she deserves.

And she has come such a long way.

Look at her incredible transformation video here:

Credit: Shayna & Brandon Pitch / BARC 

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