Craving Seclusion? Check Out The One And Only Home On Ellidaey Island

Have you ever dreamed of having an island all to yourself? Unless you happen to be a billionaire it’s an impossible fantasy, but one that is fun to think about nevertheless. Would you invite your friends and family for exclusive vacations? Live out your days in peace with a stack of good books by your side? Start a new community? On a private island, the possibilities are endless.

Which is exactly what makes Ellidaey Island so fascinating. The tiny locale sits off the coast of Iceland, and if seclusion is what you crave, it’s exactly the type of place you’ve been looking for.

There it is, in all its glory – Ellidaey Island. 

It’s part of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, otherwise known as the Westman Islands. See it there in the upper right hand corner?


300 years ago, the island was home to five families. It might not sound like much, but this was the peak of its population. 

The families survived by herding small groups of cattle, fishing and hunting sea birds. 

While their home was beautiful, it was not an easy life. The families were exposed to the elements, with little access to outside news or goods. It’s not surprising that the last permanent residents left in 1930. 

The only thing left behind? A single home, nestled in a sea of green grass. 


The island has been the focus of several urban legends over the years. While some say a “secret billionaire” bought the island, others say it belongs to Icelandic pop star Björk. However, neither of these rumors are true. 

The truth is far simpler – and far better! The home acts as a shelter for anyone who wants to camp, fish or hunt on the island.

Anyone else ready to plan their trip? It truly would be a magical and unforgettable experience. 

Via: Boredom Therapy

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