Create A Chic Piece Of Home Decor Using Plastic Spoons

Nothing brightens up a home more than a chic statement piece ... which is not exactly something one connects with plastic spoons. However, that is the main ingredient in this cool, colorful, customizable DIY decor. You'll also need a frameless circular mirror, two MDF wreath forms (one 18-inch and one 12-inch), yardstick, hot glue sticks and gun, paint primer, spray paint, acrylic paint and a brush.

Start by cutting or breaking the handles off the spoons.

Six packs of 48 spoons each were used for this mirror. Make sure to the cheapest packs and not the heavy duty ones.

Next, attach the MDF circles together using some of the spoon handles.

Just place the 12-inch form in the center of the 18-inch form and use hot glue to attach the handles.

Grab the cardstock and cut pieces that will cover the space between the two forms.

Again, use hot glue to attach the pieces over the gap between the two forms, on top of the spoon handles.


Now comes the most time-consuming step: attaching the bowls of the plastic spoons.

You can measure out the correct distance, or just eyeball it to save some time. It's important that you leave enough space in between the bowls of the outer ring for the inner ring bowls to fit, without too much overlap.

... And just keep going and going.

Keep gluing down layers, with the bowls getting closer together with each ring. The final, most interior ring with hang about 1/2-inch off the edge of the MDF form. While it's not necessary, sanding the edge of the spoon where the handle once was will give the wreath a very smooth, polished look.

Once all the spoon bowls have been attached, coat the entire thing with a few thin coats of paint primer, followed by a few coats of spray paint in your desired color.

Once all layers are dry, you're ready to attach your mirror ... Or to take it one step further with an ombré paint job.


Grab your acrylic paint in a color that is several shades darker than your spray paint. 

Paint the first row with the paint, including the backside of the spoons since they will be slightly reflected in the morning. Then, for each successive row, mix in a little bit of white paint, to create a fading effect.

Finally, attach the mirror to the back and voilà, you've got something beautiful to brighten up your walls.

For easy hanging, attach some kind of string or wire to the back.

Via: Addicted 2 Decorating

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