Create A Cute No-Sew Pillow Cover Using Only An Old T-Shirt

When finding a place to call home, we all have a wish list. Some people want a nice half bath for guests; some crave a big eat-in kitchen. And when it comes to decorating said house, those wish lists get even more specific. The options for home décor in terms of color schemes and aesthetics are almost limitless.

Sadly, even if you deck out your interior to your exact specifications, seeing the same old thing will eventually get old and you might crave a little change. Change, however, can get expensive! New furniture, new wall hangings, new rug? You're talking about a pretty hefty bill. Luckily, there are ways to make a few small and inexpensive changes that can pack a punch, like throw pillows.

If you go to any home décor store, you'll notice that there's no shortage of decorative pillows to choose from, with a plethora of colors and a myriad of patterns. The first question is how to choose. First of all, don't be afraid to mix and match different prints. A few bold prints that you love can be paired perfectly with more subtle or neutral pillows to tone things down a bit. Aside from prints and colors, texture can add a lot of bang for your buck. Details like embroidery and fringe against the smooth leather of a couch can create an interesting combination. Perhaps most important, though, is knowing your limits; too many pillows are almost worse than not enough. If you've got a large couch, three pillows are plenty! Rule of thumb? If you have to move them to sit, you've probably got too many.

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H/T: Rumble

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