Create Perfect Recreations Of Your Favorite Bottles ... Out Of Gelatin

Who doesn’t love a tasty, cool, gelatin dessert? Well, probably anyone who falls for this prank! The creative individuals over at AwesomeDisneyToys have come up with quite a few variations on this unusual project, which turns any plastic container used for storing liquids into a spitting-image replica of that container, made entirely out of gelatin. The trick is primarily about getting the color just right, then it’s simply a matter of pouring, cutting, and labeling!

It doesn’t even have to be a prank. Maybe you know someone who’s simply obsessed with Coca-Cola. It turns out, quite a few people are. Well, a gelatin Coke bottle might just be an awesome sight gag and dessert for a Coke-lover's birthday or even a themed backyard BBQ.

The possibilities aren’t limited to beverages, either. Get creative and show us your ideas in the comments section on our Facebook page! We can’t wait to see what kooky, fun gelatin lookalikes you guys come up with.

If you’re planning on doing this yourself, it’s pretty simple. Water, food coloring, and gelatin are all it takes.

You can follow along with this video to get the basics down.

Once you’ve wrapped it …


And capped it, nobody will know the difference until they reach for it!

You have to be careful when cutting the container off the gelatin to keep it all in one piece.

But once the deception is discovered, you can have fun with it!

Certain ones really do look absolutely perfect.


If you saw someone slicing into this you might be worried about orange soda spilling everywhere!

We’re not sure anyone would want to eat this one, but it’s a pretty epic option for a prank.

As is this pretty crazy water bottle!

Or, if you wanted, you could go in a very different direction. Think outside the box.

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H/T: AwesomeDisneyToys

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