Creating A Hammock At Home Is Surprisingly Easy. Wait Until You See How You Can Make One

Whether it's indoor or outdoor summer relaxing you're after, a hammock swing really does the trick for a perfect little space to reflect, read a book or catch up on a long phone call.

It's sturdy enough for adults, but it's practically begging for a young reader to come take a seat. And the best part? It's a DIY project.

Wouldn't this look just perfect in a sunroom or play area?

It's so elegant and so easy.

Supplies you'll need:

-1 1/4" x 3' oak dowel

-3/8" x 16' braided polypropylene 


-2 yards of plain canvas 

-80 mm stainless steel spring snap link

-3/16" stainless steel quick link

-black fabric paint


Start by folding two yards of your fabric in half. Measure 7 inches and cut through both pieces down to the corner in a triangle. Then, fold down the hem to one-half inch, iron it flat and sew in the hem.


Flip the canvas to the left so the longest edge is on the right (90 degrees) and create the pockets for the rope to slide through. Each corner should be about 1 ½ inches. Iron flat and hem them up. Make sure that the pocket is reinforced – this is where most of the weight will be pulling the fabric. 

Make marks 2 and 4 inches in on your dowel on both ends. Drill completely through. This is where the rope will feed in.

Now, for the fun part: use your acrylic paint to go crazy with your hammock's pattern. Be sure to let it dry.

Now, tie a knot at the end of the 16-inch rope so you've got about 3 feet of tail. Feed it through the dowel from the widest corner to the narrow top corner. Tie a knot and thread it into the dowel again. Keep holding the hammock up to make sure it's looking right.

At the end of the rope, put in a knot of about 10 inches of wiggle room. This is where you'll put the carabiner.

Top it with a comfy pillow.

Enjoy your summer in this comfy hammock chair.

It's easily washable and comes down in seconds when you need the space.

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

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