Creating The Perfect Sunflower Cake In Less Than Two Minutes

Who doesn’t love a good cake? Especially with perfect frosting! Well, we know there’s that endless debate between those who prefer the spongy, moist delight that is cake, and the decadent, usually sticky treat that is pie. We’re not going to get in the middle of that fight, we think there’s room in the world for both pastries, especially when they’re done right.

We’re not huge fondant fans. While strides have been made, the edible sculpting medium remains far more useful as decoration than as a food product. We love the soft, light, and fluffy characteristics of proper cake frosting. Whipped cream, buttercream, butterwhip (best of both worlds!), it’s all good! But decorating a cake with this far more delicate, far more fluid confectionery coating requires some pretty fantastic skills and a steady hand.

It’s pretty mesmerizing to watch this cake decorating professional at work. In under two minutes, the cake has gone from a plain, white, round cylinder, to a vibrant and beautiful sunflower that’s almost too beautiful to eat! Each petal is piped by hand and the speed and precision of it are simply a wonder to behold.

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H/T: Got Cake?

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